Garden Furniture And Dinning Outdoor Furniture – Oval Extending Table And 12 Pieces Teak Outdoor Chairs

DESCRIPTION: 12 Pieces of Teak Victory Arm Chair and 1 Piece of Rectangular Double Extending Table 120 CM

At, we manufacture and exported only the best outdoor furniture and garden teak patio furniture.


Teak outdoor furniture collection is our most popular outside teak dining set. It features our big table rectangular double extend Grade-A teak table and twelve of our victory armchairs. This set is perfect for stay at your home brunches or any type of get-together with friends and all family.

The teak rectangular double extending outdoor dining table we include with this dining set includes an umbrella hole so you can place your favorite umbrella in the middle to enjoy shade whenever. We also have teak parasol and outdoor umbrellas, feel free to shop around; we have a style for everybody.